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App PhoneMaps

App PhoneMaps for your outdoor adventures

Mobile phone app with hiking and cycling maps of Czech Republic, Slovakia and whole Europe. With a lot of features. App and maps in app for FREE.

Map Portal PhoneMaps

Plan your trip on the internet map portal PhoneMaps

Create your own trip on the map portal on a real hiking and cycling map, draw, plan, insert gpx and simply transfer it to your mobile app.

B2B solutions

Promote your region, inform your visitors

We will create an ideal presentation of your region, a team of professionals will prepare printed maps, guides and other promotional materials, websites, including a map portal or a mobile phone app built on maps.

Hiking maps

Hiking maps from whole Czech Republic and Europe

The widest range of hiking maps from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Alps and other attractive areas in Europe. You will never get lost with us!