B2B - Map portals and apps

Internet map portals and websites

Company freytag & berndt created and constantly developing internet map portal with zoomable maps for hikers, cyclers and other users. Portal contains a lot of features which make work with map easier. Company prepares all map data for electronic use include data network models for searching of optimal route for different activity. For example user can create and plan, import, export and manage their own routes and trips on the map portal, print them, download gpx file of the route, which he can use in mobile phone apps.

For presentation of trips in already created websites company has prepared a trip module, which can be inserted into existing pages as an i-frame. Using zoomable maps, graphics, statistical and textual information, module presents recommended trips in the area shown. It is also possible to insert a zoomable map embed for each trip into existing websites for individual trip pages.

Internal programmers, website coders and designers have a lot of experience in creating web presentations that also include map portals and CMS administration systems.

Mobile phone apps

Today almost everyone owns mobile phone and people increasingly prefer it compare to computers. Especially for searching information while traveling mobile phone is more useful. Company creates all web presentations and map portals with a special design adapted for mobile phone screens, but for many features it is necessary to create a special native mobile app.

Mobile app programmers, hardware experts and designers have enough experience in creating professional apps that reflect needs of customers. Freytag & berndt creates its own apps for public and for B2B customers. Apps are usually based on zoomable vector or raster maps with detailed map data, which are created and updated by an internal team of cartographers, so they do not use licensed commercial data from other companies or incomplete free OpenStreetMap map data.

Due to need for fast access and connectivity the entire system (app, app content and map data) is stored in the cloud on the backbone Internet network. We are also able to manage account in global mobile app stores and reflect changes and updates of phone operating systems.