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Information content

Company has a team of professional authors and marketing experts with a lot of experience in creating texts for travel presentations and guidebooks.

All texts are created together with other information such as attraction type, GPS coordinates, address, type of activity, etc. in the database structure. Translators (native speakers) translate all texts into their native languages.

Company works with professional photographers who create images aimed at promoting tourism. Of course, it is also possible to use the company's rich photo bank, as well as commercial and non-commercial photo databases.

To draw and present routes and trips on the map it is necessary to create a detailed gpx file for each route (a set of GPS coordinates of a series of points on the route). We create them based on our map data and data network models.

Creative services of our graphic studio

We provide our customers with services of our fully professional graphics studio. Our skilled employees here are happy to design and create products tailor-made to suit customer requirements and wishes. Our editors and graphics specialists will take your documents and modify them in accordance with your corporate visual identity needs. They will perform language proofreading of texts in Czech and other languages, offer the optimum graphics for fliers, brochures and other documents of various sizes, and provide printing, production and printing of CDs/DVDs, advertising banners and Internet eye-catchers. Our company also performs packaging, assembly, storage of all materials and their gradual distribution based on customer needs. We may also produce or have produced, store and ship small promotional materials including their printing or laser engraving, precisely according to your requirements. We are capable of providing full service to our customers for their exhibiting needs at trade fairs. While we specialize in tourism, we have no problem preparing exhibits focused on other fields.

Promotion in our B2C products

Company creates web and mobile applications that are very popular in many countries in Europe. Mobile phone app PhoneMaps is used by hundreds of thousands of users throughout Europe, especially in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Italy. App focuses on outdoor activities and travel and offers users for free zoomable detailed hiking and cycling maps of Europe and other regions of the world. Internet map portals PhoneMaps (in Czech, English, German, Polish and Italian) and Cykloserver (in Czech) offer to public the opportunity to plan trips, see the attractions of the regions and upon their return home possibility to present their experiences. Map portal Cykloserver is the most visited outdoor portal focusing on cycling and hiking in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and PhoneMaps has already become one of the most visited travel portals in Europe.

We would like to offer to public best information about individual regions and at the same time to regional governments possibility to present their regions, show most attractive places and routes and influence decision of potential visitors where to go and what to do there. Our win-win non-financial cooperation consists in providing tourist information about destinations and routes by regional governments and associations, which we are happy to publish free of charge in our web portals and mobile phone apps. Of corse all information obtained and published is copyrighted by owner of such information.


We are capable of designing for our customers the most appropriate exhibit that fully reflects the objectives of the exhibition. We prepare the design and technical documents, and provide services relating to gaining permits. We will build the entire exhibit and remain there throughout the trade fair to operate it. After the exhibition, we disassemble the exhibit and return the location to its original state. Our fully professional team is capable of working anywhere around the world. For the exhibit itself, we are capable of gaining part of the money needed to operate it. For the exhibition you’ll be attending, we will also gladly prepare printed and multimedia AV materials for your company presentation, and provide complex services performed by our creative graphics studio. We can handle requirements for atypical designs. We work with the most important Czech designers, architects and builders working in the exhibition industry and specializing in just these atypically designed exhibits.