B2B - Printed products

Our company has been operating in the field of travel promotion since 1990. We are publishing maps, atlases, guidebooks and travel books, we are also providing cartographic data in electronic form. We are creating printed and electronic products for municipalities, cities, microregions and regions, which are aimed at a potential visitor, tourist. Through our own extensive distribution network we are able to get the product directly to any location not only in the Czech Republic but into whole Central Europe. When we are creating our products we respect wishes and comments of our clients and bring them interesting and unique solutions.

We are team of cartographers, editors and graphic designers with many years of experience in the travel editing and creation of travel promotional products, we are also happy to provide translations into the required languages. We are able to prepare products completely include writing and taking photos.

Folded, tear-off maps

Maps in A4, A3, A2, A1 formats (or another size as required) can be folded to a suitable size. Map formats A4 and A3 can also be glued into blocks of about 100 pieces (tear maps). We can prepare map of your town, map of the region, including marked hiking and cycling trails, individual cutouts, etc. We will mark important places, choose suitable pictograms or drawings, draw various routes (sightseeing tours, nature trails, etc.). The text part can also contain photos or elevation profiles for routes, trips…

Leaflets, brochures, guidebooks, representative publications

We will be happy to create a tailor-made product for you. It can be a leaflet in the required format or a brochure where except texts and photos can be also map. It is possible to include a map of the area, eg by inserting or pasting a separate attachment map. As a book publisher we are able to create representative books based on photos and supplemented with suitable texts.

If you are interesting we are able to deliver printed materials to designated sales or distribution points (Information Centers, bookstores, etc.) in the Czech Republic and abroad through our own distributors. Printed products we can prepare in database format and create an app for the Apple iOS and Android platforms, a web presentation with a map portal or use the content as an electronic package into our already created travel app PhoneMaps, popular app and travel portal in whole Europe.

Please send your questions and inquiries to:
Pavel Novotný
tel .: (+420) 226 200 352
mobile: (+420) 603 475 003
e-mail: novotny(at)freytagberndt.cz