Your specialist for the Czech Republic and Central Europe

The company freytag & berndt is a subsidiary of the same leading European company with a focus on tourism, with branches in many countries in Europe and worldwide. The company history dates back to 1770 and during more than two hundred years has become one of the leading publishers of maps, guides and tourist literature not only in Europe but also worldwide. In addition to the publishing and the subsequent distribution of titles published, the company also focuses on complex tourism services from exhibition and graphic services through the creation of promotional materials and articles, sophisticated mobile applications, public relations, advertising and other marketing techniques to ensure the cultural and business events invitations and audiences of important personalities and full service incoming travel agency for trips to Central Europe. The company is an important partner such as the Capital City of Prague, The City of Vienna, Czech Tourist Authority – Czech Tourism, Austria Tourism, but also private companies such as Skoda car or Swarovski.

The company freytag & berndt was the general contractor on the Prague exhibition EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. We designed, built, operated the exhibition and also dismantled it after the Expo. For this exhibition, we also created all printed materials, promotional films and Bluetooth applications, we operated the restaurant trade and we also supplied traditional Czech products. The whole exhibition was a great success among the general public and journalists and was one of the most successful presentations throughout the EXPO. At the beginning of 2011 the company established its office in Shanghai in China, which focusses on tourism for outgoing Chinese citizens to Prague, Czech Republic and Central Europe. From 2016 company has own travel agency sale representative also in Iran. The company freytag & berndt cooperates with many outgoing travel agencies from around the world. Company collaborates with major European service providers in tourism, hotels, restaurants, transportation companies and others, using at the same time synergies effects and work of all branches in various European countries.

The company Freytag & Berndt lays a strong emphasis on meeting the clients´ needs and wishes and provides high quality services with a focus on the individuality of customers. We are sure that our professional services enable clients to discover the beauty of our country and the entire region and will bring them plenty of travel experiences.