Central Europe

Central Europe have come into their own as fantastic vacation destinations, teeming with historic sites, culture, music, art and landscapes. Hidden for too long, these treasures are now easily accessible and Central Europe is eager to welcome you to discover them!

The fairy tale skylines and medieval streets of Prague and Český Krumlov are breathtaking. In Brno you can see a wealth of 19th and 20th century architecture including Art Nouveau and a Mies van der Rohe masterpiece. Picturesque castles and villages in countryside gentle enough for almost everyone to enjoy biking between them. If you’re a cinema buff, tour locations for movies such as “Amadeus” and “Mission Impossible”. Festivals celebrating the arts, history, crafts, food and beer abound and add a wonderful dynamic to your sightseeing.

Mountainous and green, Austria dazzles the eyes with its scenery, the ears with its music, the mind with its art, and the taste buds with its rather fabulous pastry. Be glad for the ease of caffeine and dessert consumption in Vienna’s famed coffee houses, for touring the museums, churches, and stately buildings in this capital require stamina! Throughout the country, up and down the Alps, skiing and hiking are superb. Marvel at the creativity on display at the Swarovski Museum.

Scores of Slovakian towns and villages present their stories via beautifully preserved architecture and museums of art and folk culture. Be sure to see the UNESCO World Heritage Painted Wooden Churches, built for different faiths and all decorated with great devotion. Many stunning mountain castles like from fairy tale. The mountains of Slovakia are a paradise for active holidays.

Listen to the music of Franz Liszt and Béla Bartók, view the romantic Danube River as it dramatically splits Budapest, one of the world’s most beautiful cities, or taste the nation’s unique (and paprika-infused) cuisine to be convinced. 2000 years old Roman ruins and 400 years old Turkish monuments can be found side by side. Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, ideal for spectacular bird and wildlife watching. The country’s blessed with an abundance of natural thermal springs, emerging at a toe pleasing temperature of 86 °F/30 °C, packed with medicinal salts and minerals.

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